Bihor, Oradea

Full Time

On Site

Frontend Developer (React)

Feb. 20, 2019

This is a greenfield microservices based project. The business of the project is focused on large scale hardware rollouts and setting up IT infrastructures. The clients of the application will be comprised of a couple of mobile apps and a web app. The mobile apps will be developed with the newest hybrid js based technology and will use various native plugins for camera usage, QR code reading, GPS and push notifications. The web application will be a ERP and will be used for scheduling and monitoring roll-outs and will use multiple complex components to achieve this. As for the physical architecture all of the services will be containerized and orchestrated and CI will be used.

Your role:
  • Analyze and develop features from technical and functional points of view
  • Ensure code implementation is at a high level of quality, perform code reviews, write tests, and hold knowledge transfer sessions
  • Keep in touch with latest changes and developments from the front-end field
  • Working full stack is also an option if you want
Match your skills:
  • Experience with React and Redux (React Native is a plus)
  • Strong ES6+ knowledge, TypeScript is a plus
  • Strong CSS/SCSS knowledge
  • Experience with building frontend apps from scratch
  • Strong Design principles knowledge
  • Experience with JS based Hybrid Apps is a plus
  • Experience with component based development is a plus
  • Experience with ASP.Net Core is a plus
Willing to develop:
  • End to end testing skills
  • Continuous integration and deployment skills
  • The ability to write highly reusable components
About the team

At this initial stage the current team is comprised of 2 business analysts, one user experience specialist a project manager and a software architect. You will work closely to the software architect in laying out the base of the solution, we plan to grow the team adding more developers as the project progresses.