Cluj, Cluj-Napoca

Full Time



Sept. 8, 2022

We are looking for several programmers with Node.js valances, but even if you haven't worked with Node.js so far, experience with any Javascript framework is enough. Experience with TypeScript is an advantage.


  • 2-3 years of experience in programming languages JavaScript (Browser and NodeJS)
  • Excellent working knowledge of HTML/CSS and ReactJS
  • Excellent knowledge of at least on of database technology, such as PostgresQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase, Neo4J,Redis
  • Experience with methodologies such as pair programming, continuous integration and test-driven development
  • Experiences with code refactoring, design patterns, design-driven development, continuous deployment, highly scalable applications, application security
  • Real passion for development and a demonstrated appetite for continuous learning and sharing
  • Passion for mentoring other colleagues in the team
  • You are strong in some key Individual Skills
  • You have strong communication skills with ability to communicate complex technical concepts and align organization on decisions
  • You have sound problem-solving skills with the ability to quickly process complex information and present it clearly and simply
  • You utilize collaboration to create innovative solutions efficiently
  • You have the right Mindset to learn and develop
  • You are passionate about technology and excited about the impact of emerging / disruptive technologies
  • You want to unleash your inner self-starter and work in an environment that fosters entrepreneurial minds
  • You believe in culture of brutal transparency and trust
  • You are open to learning new ideas outside scope or knowledge skill set


  • Working with cutting-edge technologies
  • Professional and modern environment, flexible program
  • Involvement in complex international projects for big players on the global markets
  • Attractive salary, bonuses and rewards for high-quality work in complex and challenging projects
  • Possibility for professional development (training, certifications, opportunities for career development, etc.)
  • Consideration of individual capabilities
  • Working only with middle and senior developers
  • Remote/hybrid or on-site work
  • Competitive salary
  • Young team